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Last updated: Wednesday, 17th May 2017, 16:49

Clifton Parish Council has asked Worcestershire County Council to withdraw its approval and support for Velo Birmingham 2017.

A letter to the Chief Executive says, "Local Councils and the communities they serve were not consulted prior to the initial decision being taken and no consideration has been given to the needs of affected communities. Road closure, for what is essentially a whole day, will have a dramatic impact on the local community in Clifton upon Teme. The access roads, B4203 and the B4202, will be inaccessible for the whole day day. The Parish Council is concerned about the risk to public safety, while emergency vehicles will be permitted access, not all health needs require an ambulance. How will parents with a sick child, the elderly or a person with an acute medical need or following an injury, access the out of hour’s provision or A&E at the local hospitals?

"The Parish Council would also ask what measures have been put in place to allow carers (both family or friends not living in the village and paid help) to reach elderly and infirm residents. It is not acceptable, or safe, for the vulnerable not to be able to access those services and support which make it possible for them to continue to reside in safety at home. Worcestershire County Council has a duty of care to all residents, and especially to those who are disabled, elderly or infirm, not to make decisions which put them at risk.

"The local economy is dependent on agriculture and tourism/leisure and will suffer real financial loss if the road closures go ahead. Local farmers have land holdings which span the B4204 and B4203, they will be unable to access land or stock which from an animal husbandry perspective is not acceptable.

"Many residents earn their living by providing accommodation for visitors and tourists. Guests and visitors will not be able to reach, or depart, from Clifton upon Teme. The Malvern Autumn Show is being held on the same weekend and providers of visitor accommodation have long standing bookings for accommodation linked to show attendance. The impact of Velo Birmingham 2017 is likely to lead to a loss of confidence about arrangements for future years and further depress the rural economy.

"There will be no economic benefit to the parish, which will not see increased visitor numbers linked to Velo Birmingham, as any potential visitors will not be able to access the area while the race is in progress. The Parish Council would like to ask what financial recompense Worcestershire County Council intends to provide, or has arranged with the organisers of Velo Birmingham, and how local businesses who suffer loss can make a claim against such funds?

"The Parish Council has consulted residents and very few households in the parish have received notification of the event. It was stated that notification would be delivered to each household; in practice less than 20% of the village has received such communication. Clifton upon Teme is extremely perturbed that the organisers are now advertising Velo Birmingham 2018 over the same route. On behalf of the residents of Clifton upon Teme, the Parish Council would like to request that Worcestershire County Council and their Officers reconsider the decision to close the roads in order to permit this event to take place."


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