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Lower Sapey

St Bartholomew’s (new) church was built in the 1860’s to replace Sapey Old Church (also dedicated to St Bartholomew), which is located over the fields next to Church farm, once a farming settlement in the midst of somewhat wild countryside.

For many years now St Bartholomew’s church has shared the building with the Methodist church and every 2nd Sunday is a Methodist service.  All the services and events at St Bartholomew’s are enjoyed by local Anglicans as well as local Methodists.

Lower Sapey’s local government organisation is on the lowest rung of the government ladder – below Parish Council (we are too small for that), so we have a Parish Meeting.  The main difference is that all of our residents are encouraged to take an interest and vote rather than electing a committee to run the business of the community.

We have not for some time had a village hall and are currently organising a bit more space at the back of the church which will enable us to have more general and secular community events and charity fundraisers.

Community in such a small and isolated area is of course very important and is greatly valued.